Tinzu = Decentralized Advertising

Social media is changing the world of advertising. Tinzu is changing with it. The Tinzu platform seeks to directly connect advertisers with influencers, without any intermediaries. This will give advertisers an innovative approach to promote their brand, while providing Influencers with access to a wider variety of opportunities.

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Tinzu Basics

Tinzu will seek to bridge the gap between companies and influencers by creating a decentralized advertising platform, built using Blockchain technology. Using the power of social media, companies will be able to better target their audience, creating advertising campaigns that are profitable, specific, and cost effective.

Micro Influencers

(between 1k and 10k followers)

Are those with a smaller audience, but often engage on a more personal level with their followers. This group is often overlooked by many advertising campaigns.

Mid Influencers

(between 10k and 500k)

Are those who have medium sized audiences. While these influencers have less engagement than micro-influencers,their content will receive greater exposure.

Macro Influencers

(over 500k followers)

Are market leaders. These influencers typically have a large audience with a variety of interests. Their content receives tremendous exposure and will result in greater product awareness, but less engagement.

Features of The Tinzu Platform


The GUI used on the platform is expected to be very user-friendly. The Tinzu platform will provide advertising campaign tutorials.

Reduced Costs

Most advertising agencies charge between 15 and 25 percent in commission. Tinzu plans to completely eliminate these agencies from the value chain.

Ease of Scaling

Most advertising agencies are quite restrictive because of the large cost of advertising that they charge. SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) are normally left out because of budget restrictions.

Ease of Monitoring

Getting metrics for social media or internet marketing is very hard for companies trying to calculate the return on investment.

Global Marketing

E-commerce has become globalized, and businesses now need to expand their marketing to every corner of the globe.

Inbuilt Analytics

Tinzu will facilitate the merchants with an opportunity to use some inbuilt Dapps (decentralized apps) to assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Inbuilt KYC

Any and all influencers who want to join the Tinzu platform will be asked to provide their details to the KYC.

Compression Algorithms

Best in-class compression technology keeps latency to a minimum.

Tinzu ICO

The ICO aims to raise funds to develop the platform and to market it to influencers and advertisers around the world. The total supply will be 1 billion Tinzu Tokens (TIN). The allocation will involve the release of 70 percent of the tokens during the token sale, while 30 percent will be reserved by the development team in Escrow for release when the market prices have stabilized.

Two Main Goals for Tinzu Blockchain

First, it will provide an “auction style” decentralized platform that utilizes low transaction costs and will allow influencers and advertisers to interact and customize their own advertisement packages free from intermediaries. There will be no limitation on the type of content that influencers provide. It will include videos, pictures, social media posts and other ways of influencing their audiences to create brand or product awareness.

Second, it will ensure that advertisers can engage with a wider and more diverse audience of influencers in order to achieve the best results. Whether a company prefers using multiple micro-influencers, who have followers that can be customized for specific brand needs,or a macro-influencer, who would provide larger brand awareness in a shorter amount of time; the Tinzu platform will ensure that both parties receive the best price, without sacrificing quality.

   We believe, Tinzu Blockchain Platform will be the next BIG thing in the Internet Advertising Industry and contribute towards transparent and most effective model of how entire industry operates!

— Yogesh Padsala, Founder - GDO Infotech Pvt Ltd

Tinzu Roadmap

Mar 2018

Start-up team form

Apr 2018

Formulation of initial project model

May 2018

Finished technical research analysis and established the structural components of the platform

June 2018

Began initial work of blockchain integration into the platform

July 2018

Finish the first version of product prototype

September - November 2018

ICO Sale

4Th Quarter 2018

Getting listed on major exchanges

1st Quarter 2019

Launch of the cloud mining platform

2nd Quarter 2019

Launch of the decentralized payment gateway

Tinzu roadmap
Tinzu Founded
Roll out MVP
Introduce the Company
Website V1 Launched
Whitepaper Launched
ICO Token Sale
Raised over $12MM USD
Website V2 Launched
SUB Tokens Hits the Exchanges
Tinzu lists on Coss.io, Tidex, and Etherdelta
SUB Lists on Binance
Ohio Office Established
SUB Lists on KuCoin
Private Alpha Test I
Completes with 100% successful results globally
Website V3 Launched
Private Alpha Test II

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